Open Source Code

I am finally getting around to writing the code for the updated version of the Community Color web sites. The new sites will be on an SSD cloud server by I anticipate the site will require three nodes for $17 a month [see below].

Being a good netizen, I decided to open source the code for this site. I am basing this site on a framework that I have taken to calling the Resource Model to Web Design. The referenced page includes the same basic code, but with better documentation and a PHP tutorial.

The View Code program displays select PHP Code used on the site. The Schema Viewer will let you see the SQLite3 Schema.

The PHP on this site might look strange to some viewers as I am doing some admittedly strange things. For example, I decided I want the HTML to be indented. I used a program called htag to format the output. I use a pseudo object called msg to transfer code between programs.

I dislike the PDO Object; So I encapsulated PDO with a function called dbConn(). I access the database with functions called sqlValue(), sqlRow() and sqlExec(). Yes, it is possible to encapsulate objects with functions. Here is the code from PDO SQL Wrapper.

I welcome comments and feedback about the site and oode. Until I write a comment program, Feel free to drop a line on this blogspot post.

The Web Host

I am hosting this site on The VPS Referral Page says that if a person signs up for an account and types my referral code ( 69032 ) into the coupon code box, that I will get a credit to my account and the user will get a credit. I believe the credit is $10. See blog post Holla Dollar.

I recommend doing this not just because it will help me pay my bills, but because I think these accounts are fun. Basically, you get a linux server on a screaming fast SSD drive for $5 a month. I will be hosting 30 dynamic web sites that have a fair amount of traffic for $17 a month.

I chose to go with the Ubuntu 16.04 version of Linux because the Ubuntu server includes PHP7 and has decent long term support.

VPS is simply selling linux servers. You can turn a linux server into a web server by installing the appropriate software. Popular web servers includ Apache2, nginx, IIS (by Microsoft) adn GWS by Google. After buying the server, you will need to find a tutorial on setting up the web server. You can usually find the best tutorials by doing searches like "ubuntu install apache2"

I want to keep my server clean. The programs that I am running on this server are: Apache2, PHP7 and SQLite3 (plus related drivers and multi-bit support). I do not want to compromise my web server with email. I bought a second account the email. The sites use super fast SSD drives; So, one CPU node is sufficient for email.

VPS believes strongly in SSL. They will give you one free SSL certificate with your account. This is a really cool set up; So, before you start browsing through my code, I suggest that you copy my referral code ( 69032 ) and go to and set up an SSD cloud server.