Date Picker

I made this page to test support of the "date" type in the HTML 5 standard. It simply has a form with the new date types. The input boxes should let you change the date with a program

The date picker is still not supported in Firefox.

Date Picker


Here is the output:



I hold that the date picker should be provided by the browser because selecting dates is a routine activity. A browser level date picker means that user will have a common experience on each site.

The world where each web site produces a date picker is confusing for the user. For example, one site might display the date as MM/DD/YYYY and another as DD/MM/YYYY.

I understand that there is some wrangling over the form of the date picker but, guess what? there can actually be multiple date pickers. Client side date pickers allows for client side localization.

A client side date picker allows the end user to chose the date format that they like. So long as the output is the same for each picker, the display format does not matter a lick.