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This page lets you design a banner ad. The banner ad goes in the top fold of the page. The select box shows the historic page views per target. It can take years to display 100,000 ads. If multiple advertisers order the same ad target, it will take even longer.
A Text Ad has a bold title followed by one line of text. You can preview the ads by pressing "Preview". The images scale to the screen size.

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I will bill for the ads through Paypal. To do this I need a name and an email address which I will only use for processing the payment.
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The "Ad URL" is the destination for the ad.
Image URL is a link to an image. The image should be 738x90. I will copy the image to my server. Alt Text is alternative text associated with the image.
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I will list fixed duration ads for just $12.50 or 40,000 ad impressions, which ever comes first. I will list regular ads for 100,000 impressions ... which might take several years.


This site offers targeted local advertising. I charge a listing fee of $12.50 for limited duration ads and $25 for unlimited duration ads.

I am only interested in ads that are suitable for the the local community such as a local blog, a local business or an event taking place in town. I reject other ads.

If I approve the ad; I will create the ad placement and send an invoice through Paypal for the listing fee. The invoice includes a link showing details of the ad placement. Paying the bill implies agreement with the terms.

I consider the payment a "listing fee" and do not offer prorated refund. This is largely because the amount of money involved is quite small. Instead of refunds, I send an invoice: If you do not like the placement; do not pay the bill.

I run fixed duration ads until the expiration date or 40,000 page views, which ever comes first. I will display the long duration ads for 100,000 page views. I will remove ads if the target for the ad stops working.

100,000 is a huge number. 25¢ per thousand is a very low rate. The catch is that it might take several years to display a targeted ad 100,000 times.

Placements are not exclusive. Other businesses can buy targeting the same ad space. This will prolong the time it takes to display 100,000 ads.

Agreement I agree to the above terms
The note section is for additional notes about the ad request.