Affordable Local Advertising We offer affordable advertising in the Mountain West. Advertisement

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This form allows the public to order targeted local ads. The ads start at the extremely low rate of $25.00 per 100,000 ads. This is a CPM rate (cost per thousands page views) of 25¢

I use two types of ads. I use banners at the top of pages in the directory and on information pages. The banner ads are always in the upper fold of the site. I use box ads on the Event listings.

I mark up the ads with SVG so they scale to the screen width. It is best to use images that look good on both computer screens smart phones.

The first step is to select the community and ad types. There are four types:

Select a Target
Web Site
Ad Type

The banners are displayed above the fold on directory pages and information pages. The boxes are displayed on events and select info pages. I never put more than one advertisement on a page. (Directories have links to local companies. If a company has an affiliate program, I run the link through the affiliate program).